End-to-end inspection software

Spend less time on administration and more time on regulation with Objective RegWorks. Carry out targeted inspections in the field, report on them in real-time and issue notifications for compliance and investigation, all in one end-to-end solution.

Learn from those who’ve implemented regulatory software before.

Why not learn from those who’ve implemented regulatory software before? Hear from Directors, CIOs and managers who’ve successfully delivered RegTech projects within their organisations.

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Supporting regulation, compliance and enforcement for improved safety outcomes.

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Informed decisions, accurate data

Img regworks end to end solution

Informed decisions, accurate data

Capture evidence out in the field, reduce administrative tasks and carry out targeted inspections.

Secure access to information in the field

Give inspectors access to accurate, real-time information, enabling informed decision-making without having to rely on previous notes or make phone calls.

Capture data once

Data capture in the field improves accuracy, avoids duplicate data entry, and enables rapid follow-up actions.

Targeted enforcement

Identify high-risk areas with risk-based assessments that consider compliance history, industry and location. Built-in offence management helps inspectors quickly identify areas of non-compliance, attach evidence and track follow-up actions.

Ensure informed, consistent decisions that promote transparency

Complete data displayed concisely when making regulatory decisions and automated business rules helps drive consistency with your policies.

Less administration, more regulation

Img regworks intelligent decision making

Less administration, more regulation

Secure field-based data capture and issuing of notifications for compliance and investigations. Real-time reporting enables decision making and can be used to inform the regulatory approach.

Consistent regulatory actions

Automated checklists help align actions with your policies, regulations and legislation, ensuring consistency across the team. With built-in business rules based on the data collected, officers are guided through complex regulation and suggested any next steps.

Real-time reporting

Once information is entered, data is immediately available for reporting and analytics. Teams across your agency can make decisions based on the most current, accurate information.

Increased productivity

Automated manual processes and improved information capture helps minimise errors and free up time for inspectors to focus on high value tasks.

A smarter way to manage inspections

Single, real-time view of information

Intelligent data capture combines data from all available sources, giving an accurate view plus relevant history.

Multimedia evidence capture

Securely capture evidence including geo-tagged time stamped photos, videos, memos and voice recordings.

Issue notices in the field

Notices can be sent electronically or printed in the field.

Automated alerts

Alerts inform inspectors of intelligence, risks, or targeted areas before interacting with the person, organisation or attending a site.

Configurable templates and checklists

Business rules and task lists guide the user and ensure consistency across inspection activity. Include direct links to legislation.

Offline mode

Allowing data capture in areas with little or no network coverage, with the ability to sync once back in reception.

Reasons to use Objective RegWorks

Multimedia evidence capture, issue notices in the field, automate alerts and configure templates and checklists, all in one end-to-end regulatory solution.

Icon regworks designed regulators

Specialist RegTech for government

Simplified administration of legislation and reduced compliance burden on industry

Icon regworks configuration

Configure instead of customise

Flexible configuration, low-code and no-code RegTech empowers you to adapt to changing legislation

Icon regworks 360 view

360 degree view for risk-based decisions

Complete contact and compliance history informs approvals and targets compliance monitoring

Icon regworks integration

Integrate with existing systems

Leverage your existing systems via standard APIs for integration with document management, CRMs, portals, finance and more

Icon regworks upgrade

Easy upgrades

Upgrade to the latest RegTech version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassle

Icon regworks security


Comply with all security standards, governance controls, and data sovereignty obligations

Software to enhance inspection management

Monitoring compliance with rules and regulations can be a challenge for government regulators. The nature of inspections often means that authorised officers lose hours on repetitive, manual tasks. They struggle to find the information they need at the time they need it. Capturing information and evidence while out in the field can be cumbersome in industrial environments and lead to duplication of data entry back in the office. Working in remote areas or confined spaces often means no network coverage so devices have to work off-line.

Become an efficient regulator: focus inspections based on risk, improve accuracy and reporting

    Objective RegWorks enables regulators to focus its greatest inspection effort on businesses based on intelligent risk assessments. Enabling inspectors to perform inspections electronically, Objective RegWorks ensures automated checklists are aligned with legislation and business processes. Agencies can capture evidence out in the field, reduce administrative tasks and carry out targeted inspections. Objective RegWorks is ideal for any regulatory organisation where secure field-based data capture and issuing of notifications is essential to compliance and investigations teams. Real time reporting enables decision making and can be used to inform the regulatory approach.

Objective RegWorks appealed to us because of its highly configurable nature, and the fact that it's specifically tailored to supporting the full suite of regulatory, enforcement, compliance and education functions.

Julia Oakley

Executive General Manager at ReturnToWorkSA

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Inspection software.

Software designed specifically for regulation, compliance and enforcement. Make informed consistent decisions, increase productivity and improve safety outcomes.

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