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Assess development applications faster and deliver better community outcomes.

Software that does everything you used to do on paper. Except smarter, faster, more accurately - and with better governance.

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Development assessment is one of local government’s most resource-consuming activities.

We’re here to change that. Objective Trapeze has all the tools planners need to assess and approve development applications efficiently and accurately. Any and all paper handling, measurements, calculations, mark-ups, stamping (and more) are done digitally in one application that integrates seamlessly with your eDRMS.

Reduce processing and determination times. Bring down the cost and effort required by councils. Achieve better outcomes for the community through faster response times and better communication. And support efficient delivery of new housing and development.

Purpose-built tools for planners make their lives easier

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Purpose-built tools for planners make their lives easier

Streamlining development assessment makes the planning team hum.

Assessing development applications just got easier

Easily perform even the most complex measurements, calculations and assessments to evaluate compliance with relevant legislation and planning instruments. Save hours of time and never miss a thing when comparing plans with powerful document compare functionality.

Simplify the review process with smartly designed mark-up tools

Flag issues and non-compliance, highlight amendments and keep track of your measurements with a variety of customisable mark-up tools. Work more effectively with applicants, internal experts and referral agencies in a visual manner for easier communication.

Dramatically speed up development approvals

Fast track the approval process by applying custom digital stamps that pull metadata from your eDRMS, such as reference numbers and names of assessors. A 100-page application can be stamped in a few mouse clicks.

Streamlined process drives increased revenue for councils

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Streamlined process drives increased revenue for councils

When the planning department is humming with efficiency, councils reap the benefits.

Greater efficiency leads to financial benefits and peace of mind

Empowering planners with fit-for-purpose digital tools increases your council’s ability to process more development applications, faster, without additional headcount. Better quality assessments mitigate the risk of costly and damaging development ‘surprises’ down the track.

Environmental impact and appeal to investors

Cutting out paper boosts employee satisfaction and drives positive environmental impact. Faster development approvals improve the council's appeal to investors, delivering substantial economic benefits.

Extend information governance to your planning departments

Eliminate paper, reduce cost and streamline your workflow by ensuring documents born digital, stay digital, through tight integration with your eDRMS. Avoid version confusion and work confidently, knowing your information governance is managed in the background.

Better community outcomes

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Better community outcomes

Smooth development assessment leads to happier communities.

Deliver a fantastic digital experience to your community

A smarter, more efficient and 100% digital development assessment and approval process leads to significant benefits for applicants - from enabling online lodgement, enhanced communication with the council, better experience throughout the process, to faster approval times.

Pave the way for greater community outcomes and economic development

The efficiency improvements delivered by Objective Trapeze help councils keep up with the demands of bigger volumes of applications, often with the same amount of internal resources, whilst delivering sound planning outcomes. This translates into direct economic benefits for the council region, driving investment to the area, supporting population growth and generating jobs and wealth.

Do more, with less

Expect these types of benefits when your planning department goes digital.

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Software to assess development applications faster, with pinpoint accuracy.

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You’re in good company, and we’re just around the corner

More than 200 councils in Australia and New Zealand rely on Objective Trapeze to assess plans faster.

Our teams are based in Australia and New Zealand. Take advantage of experts who understand local government and planning, are in your timezone, and are dedicated to helping you get the most out of Objective Trapeze.

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Sutherland Shire Council turned to Objective Trapeze for digital development assessment, determining 36% more development applications in one year with the same number of staff.

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The DA process is a key link in the housing supply chain and impacts on how efficiently new housing can be delivered to the market.

Hon. Anthony Roberts MP

Minister for Planning and Housing

Assess development applications faster and deliver better community outcomes

Find out how Objective Trapeze can help digitise and streamline development assessment, and see the product in action.

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