Become a trusted, best practice regulator.

Manage the entire regulatory lifecycle of licence approvals, complaints, incidents, advice, inspections, investigations, and enforcements in one end-to-end solution. Enjoy greater efficiency and transparency with highly configurable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Objective RegWorks.

Learn from those who’ve implemented regulatory software before.

Why not learn from those who’ve implemented regulatory software before? Hear from Directors, CIOs and managers who’ve successfully delivered RegTech solutions within their organisations.

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Supporting regulation, compliance and enforcement for improved safety outcomes.

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Become a trusted, best practice regulator

Img regworks end to end solution

Become a trusted, best practice regulator

Make informed, consistent decisions using risk and intelligence as key inputs. Greater efficiency and transparency with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Manage end-to-end regulation in a single solution

Manage the entire regulatory lifecycle of licence approvals, complaints, incidents, advice, inspections, investigations, and enforcements.

Easily adapt to changing needs

Adapt to changing legislation and implement improvement strategies using a highly configurable and flexible solution that aligns to your requirements.

Enable risk-based regulation

Adopt risk-based assessments, target compliance efforts and apply proportionate actions using risk algorithms that take into account activities and compliance history.

Ensure informed, consistent decisions that promote transparency

Complete data displayed concisely when making regulatory decisions and automated business rules helps drive consistency with your policies.

Less administration, more regulation

Img regworks intelligent decision making

Less administration, more regulation

Automation, intelligence and advanced analytics lets you manage the entire regulatory process while reducing administrative overheads and cost.

Automate workflows, emails and document generation

Manage workloads to achieve mandated response times, using automated workflows to assign work, set due date reminders, communicate with customers.

Improve customer experience with digital self-service

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of compliance for industry and the public with the online customer portal.

Meet KPIs with powerful search, reporting and audit capabilities

Efficiently and accurately report your performance against Ministerial expectations.

Reasons to use Objective RegWorks

Designed specifically for Government regulators, Objective RegWorks and can help your government agency better navigate constantly evolving regulatory environments.

Icon regworks designed regulators

Specialist RegTech for government

Simplified administration of legislation and reduced compliance burden on industry

Icon regworks configuration

Configure instead of customise

Flexible configuration, low-code and no-code RegTech empowers you to adapt to changing legislation

Icon regworks 360 view

360 degree view for risk-based decisions

Complete contact and compliance history informs approvals and targets compliance monitoring

Icon regworks integration

Integrate with existing systems

Leverage your existing systems via standard APIs for integration with document management, CRMs, portals, finance and more

Icon regworks upgrade

Easy upgrades

Upgrade to the latest RegTech version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassle

Icon regworks security


Comply with all security standards, governance controls, and data sovereignty obligations

Be more responsive, efficient and transparent to improve your regulatory effectiveness

    Objective RegWorks software enables disparate teams to work together, sharing a single view of a customer. Discover advanced reporting, accurate data capture and configurable workflows that can easily be updated with legislative changes. Make informed, consistent decisions using risk and intelligence as key inputs with RegTech greater efficiency and transparency with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) designed for government to specifically to manage regulation.

RegTech - A better way to navigate regulation

Think regulatory technology is only for financial services? Think again. RegTech solutions are here to help tackle regulatory challenges for both regulators and industry, across any sector.

Whether your organisation is a regulator or it operates in a regulated industry, you’ve probably heard about regulatory technology - also known as ‘RegTech’. And if you’ve dug deeper to learn more, you’ve likely discovered a lot of information about RegTech for the financial services industry - and very little about its other applications.

Objective RegWorks is designed specifically for Government regulators and can help your government agency better navigate constantly evolving regulatory environments.

What is RegTech?

RegTech is technology designed to help organisations meet regulatory requirements more effectively and efficiently (Wang 2019). It’s designed specifically to help organisations effectively navigate regulation by combining automation, intelligence, and advanced analytics. RegTech can be used to manage the entire regulatory process, support transparency and consistency, while reducing the associated costs.

RegTech solutions may be particularly beneficial in areas where:

  • Regulatory environments are particularly complex to navigate and monitor
  • There is scope to improve risk-based regulatory approaches
  • Technology can enable better monitoring and overcome the constraints related to physical presence
  • Technology can safely unlock more uses of data for regulatory compliance.

For regulators, this means more effective approvals, compliance monitoring, and proportionate enforcement. For regulated entities, this means help in complying with regulatory requirements.

Objective RegWorks appealed to us because of its highly configurable nature, and the fact that it's specifically tailored to supporting the full suite of regulatory, enforcement, compliance and education functions.

Julia Oakley

Executive General Manager at ReturnToWorkSA

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RegTech software solutions.

Software designed specifically for regulation, compliance and enforcement. Make informed consistent decisions, increase productivity and improve safety outcomes.

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