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Find matching data, fast.

Rapidly and securely find relevant matching records in other systems, inside or outside of your organisation.


Make better decisions with data from multiple systems

Objective Reach is designed specifically to share sensitive data across multiple systems and organisations.

Find the most likely record fast, even with partial or incorrect data, all while complying with policy and legislation. The full picture helps to more clearly understand the circumstances, and assess the risks.

The result: more informed decision making and assessment by accessing the right information at the right time.


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Improved decisions and better outcomes require relevant information to be shared securely in real time.

Use one platform to search multiple sources

Whether it’s multiple disparate data sources internally or across different organisations you can use one solution to share records and search accurately.

Improve efficiency and collaborate across organisations

A central hub to find data and manage and track follow-up requests, replacing time-consuming and unreliable manual processes.

Empower informed decision making

Assess information from multiple sources to ensure you get the full picture and can make improved decisions and assess risks effectively.

Share any data from anywhere

A REACH hub can be connected with any type of source system, including on-premise, cloud based, legacy or bespoke systems. Multiple options are available for reliable and secure integration.




Get intelligently ranked results with a match confidence score, even when searching across low quality data.

Rapidly find what you are looking for

Partial and fuzzy person matching. Find people using name variations, inter-connecting relationships and addresses.

Find intelligent matches even across poor data

Find the most likely record in seconds despite common data quality problems such as inaccurate, inconsistent, partially incomplete and duplicate records. Avoid missing important results due to misspellings, incorrect dates and aliases.

See results in ranked order for easier searching with confidence

Get a match confidence score to help you find the right information, fast. No need to scroll through pages of results to find what you are looking for.

Real-time results at your fingertips

Data is available for searching in real-time as soon as it is shared into the hub by the source system.




Manage who can see what, designed to meet the strictest of privacy requirements.

You are in charge of who can do what

Configure fine-grained roles and permissions, and fine tune the powerful search algorithms uniquely to your needs.

Meet strict privacy requirements

Restrict access to data. Configured on organisation and role levels as well as by record protection level, source, field and location. You can create different levels of privacy for sharing or for viewing results.

Leverage existing logins using single sign-on

No need to create and manage additional user accounts, Objective REACH links with existing agency IT credentials.




Designed specifically for sharing even highly sensitive data while complying with strict legislations.

Ensure compliance with legislation

Privacy legislation is prescriptive about what data can be shared, Objective REACH is designed to comply with strict privacy legislation through access controls, audit and security.

Comprehensive audit logging to meet regulatory obligations

Maintain a record of all system activity. Authorised users can review audit detail on a per user or per record basis.

Avoid sharing unnecessary data

Only data needed for searching and matching is shared. Avoiding the need to share entire data sets that create unwieldy and complex arrangements.

Data is protected and secure

Data is securely encrypted both at rest and during transfer. All data is stored securely, authenticity is verified and all access is logged.

Features to help you find matching data, fast

Share sensitive data across multiple systems and organisations.

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Flexible Integration

Leverage standard APIs or automated batch load options to integrate with your existing systems.

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Single Sign On

Use your existing accounts to log in for integrated identity management.

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Rapid integration

Create a ‘hub’ within days. Easily embed Reach within existing systems and business processes.

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Easy to use

Easy to navigate with a clean UI design, makes using Reach simple.

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Link records

Easily link records that are common for better search results. Build a connected dataset over time.

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Machine learning

Discover recommendations over time as search volumes increase, to continuously improve results..

Icon reach share sensitive data

Share sensitive data

Without having to de-identify it. What took days/weeks now takes seconds.

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Agency workers can be proactively notified when new and important information becomes available.

You’re in good company

Trusted by government and financial services organisations around the world.

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This solution is a game changer for child protection agencies, in keeping children and vulnerable people who cross multiple jurisdictions safe.

Briony Foster

Executive District Director, Sydney, South Eastern Sydney and Northern Sydney Districts, Department of Communities and Justice

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Find matching data, fast.

Rapidly and securely find relevant matching records in other systems, inside or outside of your organisation.

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