Secure Data Sharing and Collaboration for Defence Industry

The risk of convenience in the age of Zero Trust

The Defence Industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world - making collaboration within the industry, complex. It’s imperative for the Defence Industry to establish a secure collaboration channel to share information and ideas with sub-contractors, suppliers and external parties. But the Defence Industry has it tough, one breach or leak of any type of information - albeit a conversation regarding the weather to Export Controls - sows mistrust between ADF, government and its citizens.

To keep up with the growing need to share information and ideas, organisations in the Defence Industry are still using commercial-grade communication tools like email or Dropbox. However, with the recent data breaches sweeping across sectors in Australia, now more than ever highly regulated organisations can’t afford to be comfortable with “good enough” or be perceived as “not doing enough” when it comes to securing information.

A more resilient defence industry

In order to protect sensitive information from being intercepted by cyber-criminals, organisations in this sector must make sure that their data is encrypted and secured. One of the most common ways to protect data is through two-factor authentication. This ensures that a person cannot access sensitive information unless they have both their user ID and their password.

At a bare minimum, these regulated organisations should only consider solutions that guarantee a rich, defence-in-depth security posture that includes.

  1. Vetted by local security standards such as IRAP and DISP
  2. Encryption in transit and at rest
  3. Immediate Anti-Virus scanning on every file uploaded
  4. Preview Only with Watermark enables approved eyes to view content but blocks download
  5. Gated co-authoring that denies download, print and share functions to always safeguard content
  6. Integrated authentication with Single Sign-On
  7. Arms-Length Administration enables oversight without access to files
  8. Continuous checks for authorised access with Two-Step Verification and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  9. Audit reporting that can capture who said what, did what at any given time

Secure collaboration designed for information you can’t afford to lose

Just because a solution is more secure doesn’t mean more difficult to use nor inefficient. A fit for purpose solution balances security and usability - making combating risks of a breach, easy.

Objective Connect is an IRAP assessed, cloud application that is designed for Defence Industry organisations that need to share proprietary information with staff, suppliers and sub-contractors; whose organisation's are bound by legislation to ensure strict security guidelines are adhered to. Create a secure, private workspace, collaborate on documents, capture conversations and control tasks - all from one solution.

Delivered via tiered technical controls to provide ‘Defence in Depth’ architecture, that security conscious agencies can depend upon. The Objective Connect cloud environment is geo-locked within Australia and spread across AWS PROTECTED availability zones for fault tolerance.

To learn more about how you can securely collaborate across the supply chain, download the ‘8 Reasons Infographic.’