New Zealand maintains some of the world's highest building code standards.

These standards ensure the safety and durability of our buildings and homes, and MBIE updates them regularly to reflect the latest advancements in building technology and safety practices.

With these high standards, both applicants and councils can face challenges in the building consent process. For applicants, the building consent process can be overwhelming, with many regulations and requirements to be met. Not having a clear understanding of the process and what information is required can lead to delays and added costs for inspections and testing. The cost of the building consent application process can also be substantial, making it challenging for some applicants.

For councils, the challenge lies in having limited resources to process a high volume of building consent applications in a timely manner. This can lead to increased workload for staff and delays in processing applications. Ensuring that the applications comply with relevant regulations and building codes is also a time-consuming task, adding to the challenge.

Objective Build was developed to address these challenges, making the building consent process easier and more efficient for both applicants and councils. The end-to-end platform guides applicants through the process, ensuring that all relevant information is included in the application.

This results in consistent, high-quality applications being received by councils, who can then communicate with applicants easily, and review the applications more efficiently. With Objective Build, the process is made more transparent from start to finish, creating a streamlined, efficient solution to the building consent process.

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