F5 Hit Refresh

A dose of inspiration, a hit of motivation and a touch of relaxation - Objective's program to support the well-being of our employees

Here we are. It’s 2021 and it feels a little bit like Groundhog Day for 2020 – but maybe more intense for some of us. Working through constant upheaval is a challenge. Lockdowns, home schooling, worries about becoming ill and information overload are all the realities of our present time. The Objective team has been pushing through, working hard and accomplishing some fantastic things despite all of the challenges. However, it is so important to make sure that our health is prioritised.

Objective recognises that rest and properly switching off will go a long way in ensuring employees stay well both mentally and physically. Without that off switch, the risk of burnout, a lowered immune system and anxiety/depression increase. Therefore, the Objective People and Culture team have introduced the “F5 Hit Refresh” program for September and October 2021.

A day to switch off

In recognition of the challenges we are all facing, Objective is giving all employees a day off to refresh. Employees have been encouraged to turn their phones off, sit outside in the sun, do something they love, spend time with their family, or use the day to do whatever lights them up and makes them feel refreshed.

Wellness and Inspiration

Over the next two months, employees will have access to Morning Cuppa motivational sessions. Featuring behaviour researchers and philanthropists, the sessions will provide a regular dose of inspiration and speakers to start the day on the right note.

Employees will also have access to Spring into You by the Cuppa of Life – a weekly mindfulness and wellbeing seminar featuring topics like sleep health, brain health, nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness with speakers like Chelsea Pottenger, Dr. Carmel Harrington, Dr. Delia McCabe and Kerri Pottharst.

R U OK Day?

R U OK Day is a national day of action in Australia dedicated to reminding everyone that every day is the day to ask: “Are you Ok?” and support those who may be struggling with life’s ups and downs. On September 9th, there will be a webinar where attendees can learn when and how to ask this question.


To encourage employees to stay active, Objective has created a STEPtember team in the hopes of clocking up a minimum of 10,000 steps per day in the month of September to fundraise for people living with Cerebral Palsy.

For a bit of fun, there will also be a digital scavenger hunt for employees to participate in.

Looking after our health and wellbeing in challenging times is essential and so is having the support of your employer. Learn more about Life at Objective and why it’s a great place to work here.