When using enterprise software, being backed by an excellent support team can make all the difference when the going gets tough. Whether you are looking for the answer to a complex question or how to use a new feature, having a dedicated and experienced support team can provide you with the lifeline you need.

Always Looking To Improve

At Objective, we are constantly looking at ways to be there for our customers. We want every support call to be an outstanding experience. To be the lifeline our customers are looking for, if they ever need it.

However, we think we can do more to improve outcomes for our customers.

For the past 18 months, we have been running a customer satisfaction survey after each support call or OSI. 86% of respondents rated the experience as 'Excellent'

Professional and solutions focused service. Always a pleasure working with the Objective team

Taking action when needed

For each response that is rated Poor, our Support Team leaders have been reviewing the Support Calls to see if further action should be taken. Based on the feedback we will either call the customer back, initiate further training for the Support Team member, encourage phone communication instead of email or even adapt processes with other internal teams at Objective such as Engineering or Services.

The survey format is updating

While a satisfaction survey has provided insights, the format is somewhat basic. To further understand the customer experience, Objective is upgrading the survey to Net Promotor Score or NPS. Now seen as the industry standard, the NPS format will provide a further level of granularity in the grading our customers provide.

Pinpointing areas to improve

The new survey format will also ask some additional (optional) questions to pinpoint areas to improve. The questions will cover timeliness, knowledge of the support consultant, product satisfaction and more. But rest assured, the survey will still only take a few clicks to complete.

Starting 2nd of May 2022

From the 2nd of May you will see the new survey format. We will send it each time you have a support call closed. By spending just a minute to complete a survey, it will provide our team with the input required to continually improve and deliver the support our customers expect.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Objective Support Team at paul.eccleston@objective.com.