Take knowledge fabric to the next level

Leverage higher level business services: Semantic search and question & answering services

A follow up to the “Objective 3Sixty and the Data Fabric” white paper, dive into two business services that leverage traditional processing techniques and modern machine learning approaches to process and enrich content.

A Revolutionary Approach to eDiscovery

Unlock eDiscovery for government agencies using a data fabric. Locate and action information across an enterprise of disparate data silos. Provide authenticated users with enhanced search, data access, check-in/check-out and data streaming and legal hold capabilities of the data fabric.

Unleash advanced capabilities with AI/ML

Transform your data fabric with AI/ML prowess. Enrich content with “on-platform” or “off-platform” AI and machine learning for enrichment during content processing. In addition, leverage vector search-based capabilities to deliver rich semantic search capabilities.

This white paper delves into the application of knowledge fabrics for CIOs, CDOs, CISOs and senior executives to deliver value from their ecosystems.