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Streamline and automate content-driven processes

Workflow software to automate business processes that are auditable and respect your information governance policies.

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Transform manual process into a digital reality

Define and automate business processes. Objective Perform provides the framework to consistently execute business processes that boost efficiency and reduce dependency on individuals.

Deliver better outcomes for management, staff, constituents and customers by digitising processes that improve customer service delivery and drive digital transformation initiatives.

Automate and Integrate

Automate business processes to provide a seamless flow through your organisation and beyond.

Process governance

Run automated business processes that are auditable and respect the information governance policies as implemented throughout your information management system. Decrease overheads, improve accuracy and deliver better outcomes for staff and citizens by automating manual business processes.

Automate low value tasks

Remove the overheads of performing low value, labour intensive business processes and provide governance across the organisation to improve overall operational efficiency to enable more focus on strategic growth initiatives.

Adaptable business processes

If you work in an environment that's constantly changing, your business processes need to adapt to the changing conditions. Objective Perform allows you to standardise your processes, while having the flexibility to adapt to change.

Leverage frictionless integration with Line of Business applications and information repositories in order to reduce duplication, remove manual entry and improve efficiency.


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Facilitate greater collaboration, sharing and visibility to your business process.

Provide flexibility at decision paths
Empower stakeholder to influence and make decisions to alter the path of workflows where necessary to ensure the most appropriate outcomes.

Electronic Approvals
Ensure that approvals aren't held up. Record the details of the authenticated user and timestamp to be used as evidence of an electronic approval.

Secure External Collaboration
Digital workflows can automatically initiate secure collaborative workspaces in Objective Connect, based on the specific business process requirement.

Improve communications
Enable workflow to automated communications to key stakeholders in order to keep them engaged throughout the process.

User experience

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User experience

Powerful functionality is delivered via an intuitive interface on the user's device of choice.

Transforming complex into clear-cut
Make manual business processes into digital formats as simple as drag and drop with an intuitive user interface designed for everyday business managers. Bringing relevant information together to complete task.

Digital WorkSpace
Deliver workflow to participants with relevant instructions, checklists and attachments to complete their task. Work within specific digital workspaces, which contains all relevant content, to complete the task.

Action tasks from anywhere
Flexibility for business users to engage with processes in a manner that suits their working style, location and on the device of their choice. Reduce bottlenecks, promote flexible workplaces and ensure your business people are focused on achieving results.

Active Metadata
Automatically populate templates with relevant metadata, removing the need for users to re-type information; saving time and reducing the chance of errors.

Control and Visibility

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Control and Visibility

Make informed decisions, enhance process governance and report on key activities with insight into the processes managed.

Provide process intelligence
Optimise your business processes by pro-actively monitoring and analysing each of their elements through graphical dashboards.

Actively monitor processes
Stay informed across your business processes with an intuitive dashboard, from monitoring individual tasks to targeting potential bottlenecks and benchmarking their progressions.

Robust and secure
Ensure great governance with a secure robust solution for those processes that are essential to running government and regulated industries.

Business process automation

Additional features delivered with Objective Perform

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Intuitive Graphical Interface

Make design alterations and ongoing management simple.

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Dynamic Case Management

Enabling agile process management to ensure the best outcome.

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Workflow Library

Choose from a range of workflow templates as the building blocks to improve your business processes.

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UI Responsive across devices

Powerful functionality is delivered to users via intuitive controls in a responsive browser interface.

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Process-centric workflows

Where the process is at the core; gathering content along its path to achieve the process outcome.

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Information-centric workflows

Where content is at the core; being processed, updated, added to and refined as it progresses through its lifecycle.

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Serial & Parallel Routing

Provides control and flexibility to ensure that tasks actioned by the right people at the right time.

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Actionable Emails

Business users receive an email that contains all the relevant information they require to action a task.

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Information Governance

Objective Perform works with Objective ECM.

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Streamline and automate content driven-processes

Workflow software to deliver operational visibility from any major information management repository.

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