What’s new: Objective RegWorks and Objective Reach

Objective RegWorks and Objective Reach have made great progress recently in secure file sharing integration, a new image viewing feature and enhanced configurable privacy models.

Objective RegWorks Image Review feature

The new Image Review Feature in Objective RegWorks allow users to review images attached to a record, for example as part of an investigation, inspection or incident.

From within the record, user can:

  • Show image metadata and tagging
  • Link images with reports
  • Link images with other records
  • Enable document generation with image

Our first customer to use this feature is Queensland Rail who use the Image Review feature to quickly assess 75-100 security and graffiti incidents per day via Objective RegWorks. You can read more about their solution right here.

Objective RegWorks integrates with Objective Connect

Objective RegWorks natively integrates with Objective Connect to reduce administration and complexity. This seamless integration enables agencies to streamline business processes, prevent duplication and double handling of data with enhanced data security.

Objective Connect is designed specifically for government and regulated industries, delivering ultimate protection over your information when sharing it externally. File preview, edit and sharing abilities are easily configured to control user access, with every workspace interaction documented allowing you to see who did what and when.

Objective Connect is specifically designed for safe and highly secure external file-sharing. Objective RegWorks users may need to share sensitive files with individuals and external organisations as part of their regulatory responsibilities. This may be for collaborating with other regulatory agencies, to seek legal advice or to interact with the public – this is now supported by seamless integration. And integrating with Objective Connect means its embedded security standards are also available to Objective RegWorks users.

Objective Reach redesigned Privacy Framework Model

The Objective Reach Privacy Framework permits the configurability of data visibility by organisation, role, record type, data location and match quality. An important part of this framework is the presentation and display of 'Restricted' records in each agency's data sets. Restricted records have additional sensitivity and access restrictions applied to ensure that only users with specific access can view that record's data.

The Privacy Framework Model has been enhanced to also allow agencies to configure and control visibility of their own restricted records without affecting the visibility of other agency data. Agencies can add their users to the new 'Restricted Searcher' role to take advantage of these new privacy permissions.

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