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Putting the ‘record’ straight: Why records management should never be an afterthought with automation adoption

NatureScot talk wizardry with workflow, putting information at the heart of the process and why the only ever limit is your imagination

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Product Insights

Why Objective Connect is the solution of choice for secure external collaboration

Objective Connect is continuously evolving to enable secure collaboration and leverage the permissions in your Objective ECM file plan

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Product Insights

Objective ECM added to New Zealand’s ICT Common Capability Panel

The information management solution has been added to the panel under the highest security assurance and endorsement tier

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Product Insights

Integrating line of business applications with Objective ECM

Improve governance and save time with modern integration strategies for Objective ECM and line of business applications.

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Remote Working

A message to customers from Tony Walls, our CEO

We are ready to assist you in any way needed to ensure your workforce has continuous access to the information they need, when they need it.

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Business Transformation

Transforming the operations of the Youth Court with transparent decision making

How Courts Administration Authority in SA leveraged Objective ECM to improve correspondence management.

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